Indiana Jones Fate of Atlantis DIY Necklace #1 Idea

This time it’s all about a do it yourself-prop. I show you how I created the medallion of Nur Ab Sal from the game Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis.

This medallion is actually available as 3D printed kits in online stores and what people make of it’s great, but hey – it’s made of plastic. Real ladies and men make it out of metal. And what are we? Right!

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This is how we do it: The articles of this series are about how I create the first version of the locket. I already found things that I can improve in the second version. So when I finish this series, I will create an all-in-one-tutorial that allows you to build your Fate of Atlantis-medallion without making my mistakes. Deal? 🙂

What the prop is all about

The idea of creating this prop had been buzzing around in my head for years, and I decided to do it right now. You should know I am a great fan of this game. I remember playing it when I was a twelve-year-old boy, and it was so fascinating – The story, the locations, the graphics. It was in English, and since I am German, I could barely understand a word, but that didn’t diminish the effect.

If you are familiar with the game or simply not interested, just skip the next part.

The game is about the mythology of Atlantis – so far, so obvious. The Nazis are pursuing their dark plans, and want to use the technology of Atlantis to rule the world. The machines in Atlantis were powered by a rare metal called Orichalcum, which citizens of Atlantis thought would make them gods if they consumed it.

It turns out they became monsters instead. The high priest Nur Ab Sal tried it anyway and was caught in a medallion, which is worn by Sophia Hapgood as a necklace. Well, this is the subject of this project. Interesting fact: Oralchicum is mentioned by Plato who is part of the story of the game, too.

At some point, I need to write a little bit about the stories of the Indiana Jones games, movies. It’s fascinating how they relate to reality and fiction, I can tell you.

To the point

For more information about the necklace, visit (I can recommend this site anyway).

Let’s analyze the design first. It’s a stylized cat, which consists of simple geometrical shapes. It looks like it was inspired by Egyptian mythology, and as you can see, there are four components:

  • a base plate with “cheeks” and a bracket at the top
  • a faceplate with ears, eyes, and mouth
  • a nose which has a mouth and forms the base for the forehead
  • a forehead to that a spiral is attached

The goal was simple: A medallion that fits the scale in the game, and it’s made of metal. I wanted to build it in layers to gain enough thickness. Which metal came into question? Since it somehow shines golden with a little touch of green, I decided to use brass. It fits the color, it keeps its surface, but you can age it with some tricks, and it’s relatively cheap. For a moment, I thought about using real gold. Well – a moment… 😀

The next post will deal with the first steps of the actual construction.

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