10 Links for Geeks on a boring Sunday afternoon

There are these Sundays, you are chilling on your couch, switching through boring videos on Youtube, and don’t know what to do. Is today one of them? Then I have to solution for you: 10 attractive websites you will like if you love movies, videogames, merchandise and so on – the whole shebang.

The following links are not sorted in a particular order. Let’s go!

1. Nerdforge

Youtube channel of a Norwegian couple that crafts remarkable things in their basement and shows tutorials – From Harry Potter-dioramas over spell books to magic lanterns.

2. Etsy – Search for “monkey island”

Portal Cube

If you don’t know Etsy: It’s an online shop where hundreds, if not thousands of creative people all over the globe, offer products from self-made cups over arts to furniture.

It’s all about unique items or at least a small amount. Unfortunately, from time to time, there are products offered that conflict with copyrights – just to let you know.

For me, I love the most the lovely tiny things about video games like LucasArts adventures. See the link to get an impression of what you can find.

From here, I got the Weighted Companion Cube inspired by the videogame Portal which was one of those unique items. It’s the only one (?) in the world. Think about this 🙂

3. Deutsches Indiana Jones Forum – “Props” section

Holy Grail Indiana Jones Replica

A German bulletin board that is all about Indiana Jones – movies, discussions about actors, props, of course, and a lot more. I got the inspiration for the Holy Grail from here

4. DeLorean Papercraft

Who doesn’t know the legendary car from Back To Future? The page is German, but you can download the template and build it. It’s self-explanatory. Appropriate to make it with your children to attract them to our hobby 😉

5. STLFinder – Search for “Monkey Island”

On this website, you can find a lot of 3D-models (many of them for free) that you can use for your 3D-printer or that you can send to one of the countless online providers that print them for you. The link leads you to the search for Monkey Island models. In the meantime, 3d printing got very cheap, and you can order one of the models and paint it yourself to get a unique item.

6. Sideshow

An online shop that offers a huge amount of high-quality prop replicas. The prices range from $30 up to a four-figure sum. Nevertheless, most are still affordable

7. RPF – Craft Your Fandom – “Props”-Section

Indiana Jones Fate of Atlantis Charm Metal

Simply awesome! A bulletin board, which is all about props replicas and fandom. You find people who build space ships in their garage, and people discussing Blade Runner props. And you find my projects, too 🙂 I got the inspiration for the medallion from Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis here.

8. PaperCraftSquar – “Game”-Section

The title says pretty much about it – it’s all about papercrafts of videogames. There are a lot of other sections, but this one is my favorite.

9. Fandom

This website goes in the same direction as the RPF. You’ll find so many fandoms, it’s unbelievable. Movies, games, simply for everything! I don’t know how much time I spent here…

10. My Twitter Account

My Twitter account that I try to be active on. I’m happy about each follower 🙂

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